Does the tree lopper I hire need have to insurance?
The tree lopping industry is very dangerous and should only be undertaken by a professional. Arborists must have public liability insurance. It protects homeowners and business owners from potential risk and damage. We are fully insured up to $20 million in the unlikely case of an incident.
Why do my trees need to be pruned?
There are at least four reasons why your trees need to be pruned regularly: It removes dead branches which can pose risks to the general public, or your family if they fall. Branches may grow to overhang roofs, powerlines, boundary fences. Preserves the natural beauty of the tree, so they don't grow too large. Protects the health of a tree when diseased parts are removed.
Will I need council permission to remove trees?
It depends on the tree and the property. We will check with the council and also assist you in going through the right avenues.
I have a huge tree that needs removal, are you able to take on the job?
Our team enjoys a challenge. We are qualified for working at heights. Nothing is too much trouble.
In an emergency, how soon can you be at my property?
Our vehicles are fully equipped and ready to go at a moment's notice. If there is severe storm conditions, we'll be at your site as soon as it's safe to be on the road. Do I need to be at home when the work is carried out? Providing we have easy access to your property, no dogs are on the loose, and we have clear instructions on which tree or trees need pruning or removal, then there is no need for you to be at home. Our small team are exceptionally trustworthy, we'll complete the job as fast and efficiently as possible take all care to ensure we leave you're the area clean and tidy.
How do I know if I need council approval for a tree that is next to my house?
In Port Stephens, you will need council approval if the trunk of your tree is more that 5 m away from a D.A. approved structure (ie: house, garage, shed). If the trunk of your tree is less than 5 m away from a D.A. approved structure (ie: house, garage, shed) you do not need council approval to remove.
My solar panels are not running well due to trees shading them. Can you help?
We can help increase the efficiency of your solar panels by pruning or removing shade causing trees so that your panels receive the maximum sunlight hours.
I have a dead, dying or dangerous tree that I want to remove, do I need council approval?
In Port Stephens, you do not need council approval for a tree that is deemed dead, dying or dangerous by a qualified Arborist. You do need a qualified Arborist to make this call though, let us know if we can help!
If I live near bush land, can I remove trees that may be a fire hazard?
In Port Stephens, you can remove any/all trees & shrubs within 10m of your D.A. approved dwelling and/or you can remove shrubs and understory growth within 50 m of your D.A. approved dwelling in accordance with the RFS (Rural Fire Service) 10/50 Rule. To find out if you are within the 10/50 zoning, go to the RFS website and accept the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page, it will then take you to a map where you can search your address.…/1050-vegetation-clearing/tool Any questions? Let us know!
Are you able to deliver firewood to my home or business?
Yes, we offer a delivery service, but it is also available for pick up. Please call us for prices.
How long does firewood take to dry?
Firewood generally takes up to 9 months to dry. Wood can be split during this time.
I've seen firewood cheaper, why is there such a difference in price?
If the firewood is cheaply priced, chances are it's only recently been split and not dried.
What should I look for when buying firewood?
The most important thing is that its already been split and dried. Don't pay for firewood that's in stumps or big unsplit pieces.
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