Pruning & Tree Removal

Tree Services

Tree removal and pruning is the main function of Arbor Culture Tree Services. You may need the branches of your trees trimmed, a stump safely and efficiently removed from your premise or just a general tidy up of the yard. Our team of experienced professionals deliver a quality result at an honest rate.

Emergency Tree Removal

Accidents happen. Trees fall, branches get too close to power lines, storms can wreak havoc on your trees and gardens. Arbor Culture Tree Services provide a quick and efficient emergency tree removal service. From pruning a tree back or completely cutting one down, our team of arborists will clean up any issue with your trees and foilage.

Aerial Inspections

Arbor Culture tree surgeons can also climb the trees to provide an assessment of the health of your tree. Our expert team our qualified to climb and carry out these assessment, however some issues may not be able to be seen from underneath the tree canopy.

Why get an Aerial Inspection?

  • Reduce the risk of property damage
  • Assess and determine diseased limbs and overall tree health
  • Identify any hazards and minimise or remove their impact
Arbor Culture Tree Services recommend aerial inspections be performed at least once every couple of years or immediately after severe winds, storms and even cyclones.

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