We are a small, professional tree management service based in Salt Ash NSW. We service the Port Stephens and surrounding regions.
     Our aim is to provide an honest service at a resonable price. We offer a versatile approach, with an emphisis on saftey, to an often very difficult and dangerous work environment.
     ARBOR CULTURE is a complete tree service. We can attend to all aspects of tree maintenance and removal, from the tips of the upper canopy to the roots below, without the need for seperate contractors and subsequent delays.
     We take an environmentaly friendly approach to the disposal of the large volume of tree waste that we process. All materials are recycled where-ever possible leaving very little to end up in landfill. Recycling waste materials also allows us to offer a broader service in mulch, firewood and sawn timber products.  
      We hope that you'll give us a go, you won't be disappointed.